Taxation Services

Tax Returns for individuals, Partnerships and Companies

Tax returns are prepared and submitted for individuals, ranging from simple personal tax returns to complex personal tax returns. Partnership tax returns and company tax returns are completed where accounts have been completed by ourselves or externally. Completed with tax knowledge and expertise to ensure the client does not pay one penny more than what is due, under HM Revenue and Customs legislation.

Tax planning and advice, concerning Income Tax and Corporation Tax

Providing specialist tax planning and advice, specific to the client’s needs. With the director of the practice being a qualified Chartered Tax Advisor, this is the area where value is added and separates us from other accountancy practices. Tax planning for corporate entities and tax advice given to individuals, we ensure tax savings are maximised via many different strategies.

Capital Gains Tax, Inheritance Tax and all other Taxes

Capital Gains Tax advice is provided in respect of property, shares and many other capital assets. Inheritance tax planning is a must because individuals work so hard for wealth. Experienced and knowledgeable in the specific reliefs is important to maximise the tax saving and ongoing training is undertaken to ensure the practice is up-to-date with legislation changes. Usually involves large numbers, so it is key to be given the correct advice.

VAT Return preparation, submission and advice

VAT advice is popular, with varying VAT schemes being available, such as the flat rate scheme, cash accounting and annual accounting scheme. Also, VAT legislation is changing, for example VAT MOSS, so it is important for your accountant to be up-to-date. VAT returns are prepared and submitted for clients in a timely manner and the service can vary from completing the whole bookkeeping and VAT return process or it could be a check of the client’s figures and submission to HM Revenue and Customs.

P11d benefits in kind, preparation and submission

Benefits in kind include, company cars, company vans, private medical insurance and various other benefits. Advice is provided in respect of company benefits and preparation of P11d’s are completed on an annual basis.

iXBRL tagging to file the Corporation Tax Return

iXBRL tagging has recently been implemented by HM Revenue and Customs to file Corporation Tax Returns in an electronic format. Assistance is provided to internal accountants and other external accountants to ensure the Corporation Tax Returns are filed in the correct format.

Advising on tax investigations, such as Income Tax, Corporation Tax, PAYE and VAT

Although tax investigations for our clients have decreased over the last few years, statistics show that HM Revenue and Customs are carrying out more tax investigations to both individuals and businesses across the UK. Our practice have the expertise to deal with tax investigations and often complete this work on behalf of other accountants. The detail of the tax investigation could vary from a standard business records check to a complex thorough company tax investigation.

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