Financial Planning

Business Plans

Business plans are prepared in detail to assist businesses to win customers, obtain bank / other funding and generate investment opportunities, to lease or purchase premises, to satisfy employed staff, secure a joint venture or to comply with supplier requests. The business plan will detail the aims and objectives of the company, with supporting information, and with our input the company will focus on achieving the required result.

Cash Flow and Profit Forecasts

Cash flow and profit forecasts are prepared by our practice on behalf of businesses to implement budgetary targets. Key performance indicators are calculated to allow actual results to be then compared to these budget figures. Targets can be reviewed and adjusted accordingly to ensure directors and business owners are being pro-active to achieve their goals in an efficient manner. Cash flow and profit forecasts can be simplistic or detailed to suit the client’s needs. The forecasts can be completed weekly, monthly or annually.

Professional valuations of businesses

Our practice has experience in professional valuations of businesses, which have been predominantly completed for company acquisitions or disposals, company purchase of own shares, management buy-outs or buy ins, share restructuring, tax planning for family businesses and implementation of enterprise management incentive schemes. Approval of the valuation is obtained from HM Revenue and Customs to provide security to the business and prevent future tax investigations.

Reviewing and implementing borrowing arrangements

Close connections with the banking sector allows us to advise clients on different types of finance options to meet their specific needs. Financial arrangements are also available outside the banking sector and we can work closely with financial advisors to obtain competitive borrowing arrangements for clients.

Management buy-out and buy-in advice

Advice is becoming more popular for management buy-outs because this option is a successful exit strategy for business owners and management buy-ins are providing investment opportunities for individuals at management level. Advice is given to business owners and / or management for companies of varying sizes from small owner managed businesses to larger corporations.

Other commercial and financial advice

General commercial and financial advice is provided to clients of our practice free-of-charge. This allows BCD Accountants Limited to work closely with our clients to ensure commercial, strategic and financial decisions are made solely for the benefit of the company.

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